Ioannina: SUPPORT THE IMMIGRANTS (joint poster)

yesterday’s emigrants are today’s immigrants

On June 9th, 2011, the police forcibly evacuated and destroyed the immigrants’ settlement in Igoumenitsa. Dozens of them were arrested while many were forced to flee to the mainland. Some arrived in our city [Ioannina, northwestern Greece].

Immigrants — that are the most underrated and exploited part of the working class — should not be chased after no more.

Not to let immigrants fall prey to the appetites of cops, judges, racists and peaceful citizens. To champion solidarity and mutual aid against those who organize the exploitation and oppression of both immigrants and locals. Not to let the universal right of free movement and establishment be ridden roughshod over no more.

To break the dividing lines erected by borders and homelands.



Comrades | antifa [ i ] | Tapi & psychremi [Broke & cool] | ESE Ioanninon [Libertarian Syndicalist Union, Ioannina] | Antiviosi katalispi [Antibiosis squat]

source: Autonomous Radio of Ioannina