Updates about Skaramaga squat

22.56 GMT+2 A solidarity gathering has been called for the anarchist arrested during the attempted eviction of Skaramanga squat, tomorrow (30.7) at 10.30 a.m. at the Evelpidon courthouse in Athens.

15.30 GMT+2: Comrades have reoccuppied the squat. They report some damages and missing objects. An open assembly has been called for this evening at 18.00 at the squat (Patission & Skaramaga street).

Around 15.00 GMT+2: At least four squads of the riot police moved towards the gathered people in order to open the street. The demonstrators have retreat in the yard of Polytechnio.

14.00 GMT+2: The cops and the prosecutor are leaving the squat. Police confiscated various items and the computers from the squat.

Around 13.00 GMT+2: About 150 people in solidarity gathered at Polytechnio [Athens Polytechnic] and blocked Patission street for an hour holding a banner, chanting slogans and writing slogans against the police operation on the public buses passing by.

State and bosses listen to this well
Down your limbs from Skaramaga!