Naxos Island: Open assembly and overnight stay in Aliko beach

The Autonomous Initiative of Naxos calls for an open assembly and an overnight in Aliko beach following the initial call by the Environmental Movement of Naxos, on Thursday, July 28th, 2011, at 7 pm.

Especially now, after recent attacks against summer resorters by several thugs, it is necessary to form a struggle initiative in Aliko’s defense from all those who covet it and want to spoil the region’s open multi-collective character.

It is now evident that the unsigned placards placed in early summer on the edge of the cedar forest prohibiting camping and the use of campfire, were an indication of what was to follow.

The attacks by bully thugs with stones against trailers and with cinder blocks against other vehicles, the thefts and destructions of personal belongings and awnings of people who visit the region for 15–20 years, the attacks in the middle of the night with flares and firecrackers against people who sleep on the beach, the clothes’ ripping with knives and the various threats aimed at the visitors’ intimidation and the cleansing of the landscape, in order to implement development plans that have been hatched since years: advent of summer resorts, commercialization of the forestal area via business development activities in the framework of alternative tourism, or even the forest’s conversion into a park.

The prohibition of free camping is only a pretext for pursuing organized actions that aim at changing the region’s character.


Autonomous Initiative of Naxos

Source: autonomiprotovnaxou