Frontex makes war at borders

From a street poster of December 2010 (in Athens):

Frontex makes war at borders!

The advent of several hundred ‘professional’ murderers of Frontex (since early November of 2010) moves towards this exacerbation. The Frontex has not arrived just to capture or ‘redirect’ immigrants in Evros [at Greek-Turkish borders]. This (and much more) was being done by the Greek cops, the border guards and the army. Thousands of immigrants know this very well.
Frontex arrived in order to give pan-European (now) coverage, at political and operational level, in the war against immigrants. Behind the high tech unmanned aircrafts and the thermal cameras, this reality (of bloodshed) emerges: the management of immigrants exclusively in military terms. With this sense, the frontier is, officially now, a battleground. An unequal battle is conducted; which starts from the devaluation of labor power of the multinational proletariat and reaches the full depreciation of their lives in the landmines of Evros and at the bottom of the Aegean Sea; which extends from Kabul and Islamabad to the heart of metropolitan cities, Attiki Square and Agios Panteleimonas district [of Athens].
This battle, this war is underway. And if today they seem to relate (only) to the lives of the Others, this will not last forever. The crisis and its consequences confirm this fact in the most brutal and violent manner.

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