Never work on Sunday

Never work on Sunday

After the imposition of the flexible working hours, with the blackmail of unemployment, the State is imposing slavery on Sundays and holidays, under the pretext of the crisis. The plan is coordinated. First, almost every province of Greece were named “tourist areas”. Then, the power to open shops on Sundays ,in these “tourist areas”,was given to the provincial governors. And now the civil governor of the province of Attica (Athens), well-known henchman of the ruling party PASOK, plans once again to open the stores on Sundays 12 and 19 December. Their aim is the elimination of holidays, the extension of slavery everyday, the abolition of our labor rights.

If we do not resist, the worst is waiting for us: spending the entire day in the jungle of wage slavery, with the only valve of relief, the garbage consumption, material or not. Subjects to the desires of the bosses and integrated into the repulsive plans of the power, for the totalitarian society of fear. Organized sabotage to the opening of the stores on Sunday 12

War to the bosses, on Sunday and daily

and 19 December and every Sunday, every holiday. The right of life is not negotiable.  Exploitation and wage slavery exist, as long as the exploited tolerate them, as long as they think and act like their rulers want: as consumers.

On Friday, 3 December,  the Association of workers in the sector of book-paper of Attica held a gathering- intervention in the most commercial street of Athens, against opening of the stores on Sundays. The association of students of  communication and media and other people in solidarity, also participated. During the gathering and the march that followed, the following text was distributed and slogans were written outside the offices of the Merchants’ Association of Athens(the first two photos).

Never work on Sunday

In the season of IMF,ECB and EU, the multinationals and the big bosses of the trade sector want to crush every labour win and to monopolize the market,  wiping out the small and medium sized businesses. The illegal decision of their employee G.Sguros, henchman of the ruling party PASOK and civil governor of the province of Attica (Athens), in collaboration with P.Karellas, president of the Commercial Association, professional trade unionist, and henchman of  the right party New Democracy, serves these objectives and interests.

Down, the laws of the market

Working people in the commerce sector, noone at work on December 12th

So many years, they crush our lives in the name of the market. Today, we live that more intensely than ever. It’s time for us to stand side by side and face the fear. Everyone on strike and in the concentration that will impose the shops’ closure.

You don’t miss the hours to shop, you miss the money and hours to live

Workers, unemployed, noone in the markets on Sunday 12 December

The attack on Sunday as a holiday, now occurs in commerce.  Tomorrow will spread everywhere.  Do not behave like the bosses want you to, like a customer. Think like a worker. Those who steal your salary or your pension, those who blackmail you and dismiss you, are those who want to abolish the Sunday holiday.

Behind the market window, there is the conflict between workers and bosses.

Take a position and stand by our side!

Workers Union in Publications, Bookstores, Photo copy centers, Stationery of Attica (Athens-Greece)