A first reding of the conflict between racists and anti-racists in Larnaka, Cyprus and its political extensions

-At first we should point out the state’s and police’s unacceptable attitude to allow the nationalist/racist rally to approach the area of the antiracist festival Rainbow, which consists, if not a deliberate attempt to impose a logic of racists’ and antiracists’ coexistence in space and time, then for sure, a monumental stupidity and irresponsibility. The chief of police and its political superior, will have to apologise for their action that created the conflict and led to injuries and to  the stabbing of at least two people by the racists.

-The first political result is that the nationalistic-racist provocationdidn’t finally make it! They found, while approaching the festival’s area, cypriots and foreign antiracists united against them, standing up and saying NO TO RACISM.

-To a second level, the presence of Koulias and of a municipal councelor at the nationalists’ demonstration “against the immigrants and the.. islamication”, in the foremost rank, is a clear attempt by the right wing and part of the “dismissive nucleus” , to legalise the racist far-right, its violence both as a threat and a practice (we should remind the announcement of the national-racists of the “greek resistance” after the dcision for the organisation of the antiracist festival in Larnaka :” If they want war, they will have it!”

-The nationalists cannot “divide” anymore into “patriots antioccupationists” and “national-racists nation socialists”. Yesterday they marched together, they insulted and beat together (there is a record of ΠΑΚ’s leader attacking immigrants on the festival’s stage). It is about  the political denudation of the dismissive nucleus, from every guise of poltical correctness or seriousness. It is about the hassling of a festival with the mayor of Larnaka and the delegate of the E.U. being present.

-Finally we should be worried by the paramillitary organisation of the hard core of the neo-nazis of EΛΑΜ that came later to help them. Apparently, although they were not amongst the organisers they were on the alert, they brought people with knives, flares, stones, e.t.c., and tried to break the police chain twice and hit the antiracists who were gathering stuff in order to leave.

Fallies, Libertarian net in the city.

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more information about the incident here: http://actforfreedomnow.blogspot.com/2010/11/larnaca-violent-clashes-between.html