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Porto Rafti, Attica: Slogans painted in solidarity with the chaotic Nikos Romanos

Nikos Romanos is our brother, an insurgent in prison, our comrade in the street

Strength to hunger striker – since 10/11 – N.Romanos

Strength to Nikolaras [colloquial superlative] Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11

Solidarity means attack | Hunger strike of Nikos Romanos – since 10/11

Hunger strike until […]

Attica: Liberation of Avlaki Beach (Porto Rafti)

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011: The people who participate in the nationwide movement ‘Den Plirono’ (I won’t pay!) have escalated their struggle for free public social commodities, and carried out one more up-to-date action: They liberated the beach Avlaki in Porto Rafti for over three hours. The perimeter fencing of the beach does not allow […]