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Italy: Maurizio Ferrari and Alessio Del Sordo released from prison

Comrades from Informa-azione transmitted with great joy that Maurizio Ferrari and Alessio Del Sordo came out of the state dungeons, where they were held in pretrial detention since last January 26th after the infamous operation against the NO TAV resistance orchestrated by Caselli and other voracious scum. They send a warm […]

Italy: Prison transfers of anarchists Alessio and Maurizio


Brief updates on NO TAV prisoners:

Alessio Del Sordo was transferred from Turin to Prato prison in August 2012. Maurizio Ferrari was transferred from Cuneo to Ferrara prison in October.

New prison addresses to write and show solidarity to the comrades:

Alessio Del Sordo C.C. via La Montagnola 76, IT-59100 Prato

Maurizio Ferrari C.C. via […]

Italy: Brief updates on NO TAV prisoners, June-July 2012

According to new updates, Marcelo and Mau have been transferred from the hellhole of San Vittore.

We support the NO TAV prisoners by sending letters, telegrams and postcards to make them feel they’re not alone. NO TAV everywhere!

Their prison addresses are:

Maurizio Ferrari, c.c via Roncata 75, IT-12100 Cuneo

Marcelo Damian Jara […]