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Lavreotiki, Attica: Arson burned down the people’s assembly space ‘Aparto Kastro’ (Impregnable Castle) in Keratea

Since January 2011, residents of Keratea built a critical meeting point for their anti-landfill struggle, the ‘Aparto Kastro’, made out of sheet metal and wood, where numerous assemblies, discussions and musical evenings were held. For the past 4.5 months, this self-made space housed once more their need to meet regularly and discuss on the organization […]

Lavreotiki, Attica: One year after the invasion of the State and the Capital in Keratea

Keratea, December 11th, 2011: ‘We resist the unlawfulness and violence of the army occupying our land’

Ovriokastro, Keratea Total time under occupation by police squads (MAT): 128 days & 9 hours (December 11th, 2010, 4am – April 18th, 2011, 12pm) Total of 37 youths detained by the cops

Notes on the resistance […]

The social struggle in Keratea-Lavreotiki

A brief chronicle (11 December–22 March)

Keratea is a town of 16,000 residents in Lavreotiki municipality, situated in southeastern Attica, 40km from Athens, near Lavrion. The site has an ancient history that has left many remains, an amphitheatre, parts of the ancient fortification, etc. As many parts of Attica, it has also a strong Arbanitic tradition, […]

Pangalos had a digestive yogurt near Keratea last night

Hard times for hungry politicians.. Yesterday night, government vice-president Theodoros Pangalos together with other PASOK party members went to a restaurant in Kalivia (near Keratea, Attica). Immediately, dozens of residents of Keratea that heard about the visit of another glutton member of the government, gathered outside the restaurant shouting and booing against him and his […]


On Tuesday, 8 February, by 4pm, the coordinated attack of junta’s henchmen culminated against the people of Keratea (Attica-Greece). During the last two months, since 11 December, residents and people in solidarity resist strongly against the landfill construction project in Lavreotiki area. People oppose by any means to the plan of their lives’ deterioration […]

Keratea (Attica, Greece): No more trash in our lives. Residents against landfill constructions

Early in the morning of Saturday Dec.11th the vehicles of a heavy-machinery company in charge of the construction project of a landfill in the region of Keratea (Attica-Greece), reached the location of Ovriokastro, in order to start the construction of a landfill. A strong police force was there as well to ensure the unhindered entry […]