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Castor 2011: With approximately 126 hours, this was the longest nuclear waste transport in the history of Wendland

On Monday, November 28th, at about 10pm and after a transport of nearly 5 and a half days from Normandy in France, the thirteenth delivery of radioactive waste in Castor containers reached the ‘temporary’ nuclear repository of Gorleben, a town in Wendland (northwest Germany). The longest and most expensive transport ever was marked by blockades […]

Stop Castor 2011: Live updates in English

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Castorticker in German

Two International Calls: Castor 2011 “Shut down the nuclear state” and a Camp in Valognes

According to the plans of the German government, there will be a further nuclear waste transport to the German town Gorleben located in the infamous Wendland region this November. It will be probably the last transport from the reprocessing plant at La Hague. During the last years, the transport didn’t happen without interference: hook claws […]