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Greece: Gatherings/Demonstrations for the November 17th

(18.30 GMT+2) People built up flaming barricades alongside Alexandras Avenue. Earlier a police cubicle outside the EU building on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue was set ablaze. Public lights were off outside the US Embassy, from where most of the demonstrator blocks have already left. KKE/PAME block is still headed towards the embassy, though, marching separately from […]

Athens: Motorcycle rally in solidarity with anarchists Simos Seisidis and Aris Seirinidis

We take a stand against authoritarian barbarism. FREEDOM TO IMPRISONED FIGHTERS!

On Thursday, September 15th, an evening motorcycle rally was held in Athens, in solidarity with comrades Simos Seisidis and Aris Seirinidis who will stand trial today, Friday morning, in Degleri court. Nearly 100 bikes attended the demonstration which started from Propylaea in […]

Athens: Solidarity poster for anarchists Simos Seisidis and Aris Seirinidis

On May 3rd, 2010, wanted anarchist Simos Seisidis accidentally runs into a police patrol. In his effort to escape by running, he is shot from behind and in cold blood by the cop Panagiotis Bokos who was chasing him.

His severe injury had as a result the amputation of his right leg.

In an unprecedented reverse of […]

Solidarity actions across Greece ahead of the trial of the anarchist Aris Seirinidis on June 8th

Aris Seirinidis is an anarchist who was arrested on the evening of May 3rd, 2010, in central Athens, at a police check-point set up for an irrelevant to him case. Initially he faced a misdemeanor charge but in the end the anti-terrorist unit pulled out a forgotten case related to the shooting of a police […]

The non accidental arrest of an anarchist, of Aris Seirinidis

Aris Seirinidis’ trial begins on March 9t.

On March 3rd at 18:00, a solidarity demonstration will take place in Athens starting at Propylaea.

his statement on October 20th 2010 and a letter from June 10th

the poster in Greek