Munich: Anarchist Library Frevel

What is happening around us day by day as well as the living conditions under which we are forced to live are filling us with disgust. Characterized by exploitation and drudgery, marked by oppression and humiliation, and built upon hierarchy and violence, the existing social order is maintained in contradiction to the needs and desires of countless people. So a conflict emerges in which we also find ourselves. Instead of calming down and pacifying this conflict – or even concealing it – we want to open up possibilities that aim at the subversion of this world of domination and at experimenting and living in freedom.

From this desire the necessity of physical spaces and spaces of thought for developing one’s own ideas, critiques and analyses arises; spaces in which we can find access to the minds and struggles of others in revolt – through books as well as other publications, through direct exchange, controversies and discussions between individuals; spaces in which these encounters can take place on eye level and without representatives, and in which conflicts between different ideas are not avoided; spaces to confront the superficiality and omnipresent isolation within this society.

When we bring our ideas to life, in our acts, such spaces can – through a rupture with the fixation on locations or on mere theory – become parts of struggles that are contributing to the subversion of the existent.

The anarchist library Frevel shall be an experiment in this direction. Here you’ll find current and historical anti-authoritarian journals, brochures and books that you can borrow, read or take away. The discussions and program taking place, as well as the whole project, are living of the self-initiative and the ideas of everyone who is participating. Therefore, the library is open to all kinds of contributions of everyone who want to rebel against this world of authority here and now.

The anarchist library Frevel is located at Zenettistr. 27 in 80337 Munich
Opening hours: Tuesday 5-9pm & Saturday 3-7pm
Email: bibliothek-frevel[at]