Minneapolis, USA: Banner for Black December

To answer the call for Black December a banner was hung that read “ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards.” Here in the Minneapolis, anger against the police is at a high that has not been seen in a number of years. Rebellion, which the state has tried to suffocate for so long, sprung forth in a volley of rocks and molotov cocktails. This outburst, however brief, carries on in our hearts and our actions. We refuse to let our lives return to normal so easily.

We would also like to call on anarchists [1] in the United States and elsewhere if it applies to act for Black December. Too often calls such as the one for Black December go unheeded in the U.S., and become a spectator sport as we watch the riot porn roll in from far away places. The mantra that ‘nothing happens here’ is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Insurrection is always timely!


1. Anarchists on the so-called ‘outside’ that is, as both Michael Kimble and Sean Swain have already contributed their valued thoughts.