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Italy: Nave Assillo, new squat in Trento


On the 24th of October 2015 we squatted a building on San Pio X Street in Trento, Italy.

We need places to live differently and where we can organize ourselves. The demonstration that those are not only our needs is proved by many and many people who joined the experience of the “Assillo” squat in Manzoni Street and the “Villa Assillo” squat in Mattioli Street, places left empty for years that started to live again for months before the police came and evicted us destroying the roofs –because police fear our will to manage our own lives.

We are stubborn. We view our passions as real because we believe in their reality. Without the struggles that put brakes on it, the Power is walking on million of people’s lives with a roadroller, every day more precarious, more isolated, more senseless.

In order for the struggles to cross paths between each other, get bigger, get more radical, we need places of freedom and self-management.

We came back in San Pio X (the neighbourhood where we squatted) because this building has been empty for years now, at the mercy of speculation. Because here we met some supportive people and some workers that don’t want to lower their heads anymore.

We have chosen this building from ITEA (the public institution that takes care of social housing) because it is an emblem of the thousands of empty flats around, because house rents are everyday more outrageous, because a lot of people end up on the street if they don’t fight against evictions. Because, while ITEA’s managers gets excessive salaries, house rents for poor people get higher.

We sailed off with this Ship –this is how the building is called in the neighbourhood– because little and big storms of repression don’t scare us at all. Still at the port our lives become sad and the masters get fatter. So here we are on board of a ship ready to assault resignation and prejudices. Ready to throw itself against a city which is everyday more militarized, where they plan big and disastrous projects and where they declare war to the poor and the misfits.

There is the need to free our relations from hierarchy. The need to free our scope from property. The need for passion. The need for utopia.

The “Assillo” is back. All aboard!

the occupiers

in Italian

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