Greece: Elias Karadouman released from prison, despite consecutive obstacles thrown in his way by state authorities in order to afflict him

Some days ago, the combative prisoner Elias Karadouman – participant in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK) – was faced with the threat of deportation.

After 10 years of incarceration in the Greek galleys, Karadouman was able to sign his prison release papers on May 18th, 2015. However, he was kept in Corfu prison until June 15th. That day, just minutes before attaining his freedom, he was arrested by State Security officers and taken to the Corfu police department on the grounds that the authorities had ordered his immediate deportation to Turkey, his country of birth. Imprisoned at the police station for days, he refused to undergo deportation proceedings – given that he grew up and still lives in Greece – and instead, he presented legal documents and court decisions that deem any attempt to deport him unlawful.

Elias Karadouman was finally released on June 24th and remains in Greece, where he can meet up with comrades from whom he was separated by prison walls for ten whole years.

Until the demolition of the last prison left standing.