Heraklion, Crete: 30 ATMs sabotaged in solidarity with hunger strikers

On March 23rd 2015, at daybreak, we sabotaged 30 ATMs in the city of Heraklion in a display of solidarity with political prisoners on hunger strike, who demand:

– the abolition of 2001 “antiterrorist” law, article 187 (“criminal organisation”),

– abolition of 2004 “antiterrorist” law, article 187A (“terrorist organisation”),

– abolition of the aggravating provision regarding acts committed with concealed physical characteristics (“hoodie law”),

– abolition of type C prisons law;

– the release of Savvas Xiros on health grounds, convicted member of the R.O. 17N, whom Power is methodically and vindictively exterminating for 13 years;

– delimitation in the processing and use of genetic material (DNA);

– the release of relatives and friends of the R.O. CCF.