Frankfurt, Germany: ABS real estates office attacked

March 18th 2015

The night hasn’t yet finished. We attacked with cobblestones the windows of ABS Immobilien in Bockenheim. ABS Real Estates have houses, apartments, business premises in Frankfurt (Main), Offenbach (Main), Dietzenbach, Mainhausen, Neu-Isenburg and Rabenau, and are responsible for displacing people from their homes because they are hit by profit. People have to leave their homes due to the cost of renting and are pushed even further away from the centre. If this continues as such, Frankfurt will soon take after Paris.

But we will not succeed in resolving the problem of this world only with broken windows from any real estate group. With such attacks, we can show that this capitalist filthy system is vulnerable and point out those responsible, but besides this, alternatives must be created; that a life beyond capitalism is feasible for example, and that only by trying it allows itself to be discovered. From house projects to occupied houses. Battles from Chiapas to Rojava; from Barcelona to Athens. All over the world there’s a growing urge towards self-determination, and we should do everything we can to enable all living beings to live in freedom.

We can likewise examine what happened in Frankfurt on March 18th, with its moments both beautiful and ugly. Thinking about cop cars, broken banks, etc. makes us smile, but also consider criticising the attack on the tram and ambulance, and to not play down or remain silent about such moments. We should also reflect on our own actions and see if we have not acted questionably, or if our conduct was always acceptable.

A solidarity greeting to those who were arrested that day, and those who are already reflecting about how people can be concretely supported.


For Anarchy! (A)

translated from French