Athens: SYRIZA-owned radio outlet occupied by anarchists in solidarity with imprisoned hunger strikers

Till this day, March 23rd 2015, dozens of political prisoners have gone on hunger strike (most of them since March 2nd), demanding that the following be abolished: the special “anti-terrorist” legislation, and particularly articles 187A (terrorist organisation) and 187 (criminal organisation); the special repressive law (hoodie law); and the type C prisons, which are completing the state of exception for political prisoners. They also demand that the use and processing of DNA as means of evidence be limited; and that Savvas Xiros (who, despite having a 98% disability, is being systematically exterminated by the State for 13 years now), as well as the relatives of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire members be immediately released from prison.

We, a group of solidarian comrades from the anarchist milieu who support the demands of the hunger strikers, have occupied the ‘105.5 FM Sto Kokkino’ radio station in Athens. We chose to occupy this specific station for obvious reasons: it is the radio outlet of the establishment and currently also of the government, or plainly the speaking trumpet of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition.

The ‘105.5 FM Sto Kokkino’ radio station, same as the vast majority of media scum, distorts both the overall context of the struggle waged by the hunger strikers and the actions in solidarity with them. This occupation is an action stemming from the broader movement of solidarity with the prisoners, who are giving a fight that concerns us all.

We of the occupation in ‘105.5 FM Sto Kokkino’ are taking this means into our own hands and making counter-information a weapon! This action is part of the wider polymorphous movement of solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike.

Victory to the struggle of the hunger strikers!
Until every prison is torn down!

‘105.5 FM Sto Kokkino’ Occupation

Greek original: Athens IMC (March 23rd 2015)

The comrades are transmitting live since this morning, reading updates and texts of hunger strikers on the air.

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Update, March 28th: After six days, the occupation has ended. Τhe struggle continues, until the destruction of every prison…