Santiago, Chile: Comrade Diego Ríos sent in pretrial detention

On Monday, February 9th, two days after his arrest in La Ligua village, comrade Diego Ríos appeared before the court in Santiago, where the judiciary authorities pressed charges against him. The prosecutor unsuccessfully tried to reopen the notorious Caso Bombas (“Bombs Case”, in which the defendants were acquitted of all charges). Thus, the comrade is not currently facing accusations under Chile’s anti-terrorism law.

Nevertheless, the court ordered that Diego be held in pretrial detention for the duration of the investigation (30 days), accused under gun control law of illegal possession of explosives, meaning 4 kilos of gunpowder, a detonator and other related materials, for manufacturing homemade explosive devices that were seized by the police back in 2009, after Diego’s mother turned him in.

The compañero is held in the Maximum Security Section of the High Security Prison (CAS) in Santiago.

Internationalist solidarity with Diego Ríos!