Spanish State: Words written a few months ago by some of the Operation Pandora prisoners

We are not all here, the prisoners are missing!


For those who struggle, solidarity is not an empty concept, distant from our offensive capacity and the conflicts that develop in the struggle itself.

For those who struggle, solidarity is not an “issue” that emerges only at particular repressive “moments”, because repression is not a “moment”, it’s an otherwise inevitable and permanent part of the state’s mechanisms against those who rebel.

For those who struggle, solidarity between those who rise against the daily misery is a constant which allows the creation and maintenance of combative ties that break the siege of harassment, isolation, imprisonment and/or immobilism.

For those who struggle, solidarity transcends the imposed borders, trying to break through them and destroy them by agitation and action.

For those who struggle, the sense of solidarity intends to dismantle the loneliness of incarceration, waging a battle against forgetting our comrades abducted by states, bringing to light the logic of domination that seeks to condemn them to surrender.

For those who struggle, solidarity seeks to translate itself into a true motive which generates gestures of rebellion that let our own break loose.

For those who struggle, no one should be alone, neither in prison, nor in the open-air prison which we live in.

For those who struggle, everything is to be decided, everything is to be done. We are to take the initiative…

For all the comrades who are still fiercely opting to break every chain.

It is up to each and every one of us to continue the struggle, until no more walls are still standing.


in Spanish (original), French