Greek prisons: Anarchist Giorgos Salayannis, accused of attacking cop station in the town of Messolonghi, was denied release before trial

Anarchist comrade Giorgos Salayannis, accused of involvement in the Messolonghi police station attack that occurred in late October 2014, is currently imprisoned in Aghios Stefanos prison, near the city of Patras. He faces charges that are solely based on the false testimony of a plainclothes cop.

Giorgos has now stopped the hunger strike that he conducted since December 3rd claiming his immediate release from prison. Already on December 4th, the judicial council in the courts of Messolonghi decided to prolong his pretrial incarceration until trial.

Below is his newest open letter.
As of today I slowly start to feed myself, after going through an arduous process of discussions since the beginning of the month, with lawyers, acquaintances and comrades – I stay in the existent.

The time of a prisoner is a cry and a thorn in every enslaved, democratic daily routine.

The time of lawyers and the judiciary is stealing breaths from prisoners. I stay strong in the existent and the communities of tomorrow. There where the acts are.

Strength to self-organized structures – assemblies, hangouts, squats – and the rebels!

No retreat, no compromise!

Awaiting-trial prisoner Giorgos Salayannis
Aghios Stefanos prison, Patras

December 19th, 2014