Thessaloniki: Office of Greece’s ruling party MP trashed

Struggle with all means for the destruction of prisons

On Monday the 7th of July, at 12pm, we paid a visit to the political office of Nea Dimokratia MP, Elena Rapti, in the city centre of Thessaloniki, and intervened in the decor with paints and fliers.

She is one of the MPs who, from the outset, supported and voted in favor of the bill on establishment of type C prisons, while she participated in its shaping as well. So, we sent her the message that responsibility for the wretchedness of thousands of prisoners and targeting of people in struggle bears a cost. Those responsible have a face and a name, and we do not forget it.

All other minions, who sell their ass for a place next to political figures, offering them full support and then trying to deny responsibility for their actions, should also keep in mind that we’re not willing to forget what they’ve done.

The fact that the bill passed does not stop our fight against prisons, be it regular jails or solitary confinement units!

Fire to all prison cells!