Athens: Vehicles at a Skoda dealership set on fire in solidarity with prisoners all over Greece

From Monday, June 23rd a mass hunger strike is being carried out in most prisons by inmates opposing the new omnibus bill, which aims to create maximum security prisons and restructure-tighten the penal code.

An inauguration of maximum security prisons is meant to complete the puzzle of repression that is being systematically structured in recent years. Ever since the mask of consumerist havens was dropped and the social body’s hallucinations about a peaceful life collapsed, domination bares its real face. It was the time when the breath of social unrest stroked the nape of the “powerful” and the cry of the dispossessed marginals whistled hazardously in their ears. The State, and the interests championed by the State, could not leave those who dared question its omnipotence in practice, unpunished; those who looked beyond the standardized patterns of a sterile life promoted to us, and dared pursue their dreams.

The need for creation of maximum security prisons is an integral part of the multi-level heightened repression we are experiencing in recent years. These concrete tombs are intended to act as a deterrent for anyone who feels suffocated in the modern concrete jungle, thus preventing them from attacking what oppresses them, but also to punish the recalcitrant inmates who may revolt and stand up against the skinners of their dreams.

The following thoughts are dedicated to all unruly and rebellious prisoners who chose hunger strike as a means of resistance against the inhumane and vindictive fury of the State and its mechanisms.

To those who stand up against death, and skip the deadly arranged appointment, and remain alive.

To those who “walk” with a steadfast and aggressive determination on the avenue of social inaction.

To the rogues who taste the feeling of law-breaking and flirt with illegality.

To the combatants of today, of the here and now, the resolute, uncompromising and confrontational rebels.

To you whom the pervasive authoritarian fury has not managed to bend; you who sided with the dissident elements of practical insurrectionary life till the very end…

That’s why we torched four vehicles at a Skoda car dealership in the district of Gerakas, in the early hours of Monday, June 30th, as a minimum token of solidarity with the mass hunger strike of prisoners. We call for an escalation and intensification of polymorphous actions of solidarity in view of vote on the multi-bill in the next couple of days.

Strength to the struggle of the hunger strikers

Nothing is over. Everything continues

Fire to the prisons in every corner of the Earth

Consiousful Marginals