Berlin: Some news from anti-eviction struggle in Kreuzberg

Main updates from various linksunten posts related to the eviction of Gerhart Hauptmann Schule, the refugee school in Ohlauer Street, Kreuzberg:

Yesterday (24/6), cops initially ordered the “shelter security” company to invade the occupied school; police forces entered the building later on. The eviction process was suspended during the night, scheduled to continue the next day. Spontaneous demonstrations and street actions occurred until at least 11pm.
It appears that there are refugees left out in the street without any place to stay, despite official ‘promises’ for accommodation.

Today (25/6), there are still people on the roof of the refugee school. They demand the right to stay, for everyone.
In the afternoon, the office of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain district mayor, Monika Herrmann (Green Party), located in Frankfurter Allee, was temporarily occupied by a group of people in solidarity with refugees. After threats of repression, and upon arrival of nearly 8 police vans (the bigger ones for 12 cops) with cops already wearing their helmets, the group of protesters left the place.

At least two solidarity demonstrations have been called in Berlin:
– in Oranienplatz at 7pm (authorized demo);
– in Kottbusser Tor at 10.30pm (unauthorized).
The first demo is expected to end in front of the school in a gathering with live music and live connection via video with the refugees inside the building.
The unauthorized demo aims to end at the school as well, no matter which way people take to get there.
(No arrests have been reported as of yet.)

Weather forecast: continuous heavy rain; time for big fires in the streets.