Athens: Update on the health status of anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas

On July 4th, after 31 days of hunger strike for Kostas Sakkas, the doctor who has been examining the comrade all this time mentioned, among others, that he has lost 13kg (15% of his initial body weight) and is in very critical condition. His treating physician from the general hospital of Nikaia specifically stressed out that “it is a mathematical certainty that the continuance of his complete abstention of ingesting food will lead to certain death.”

In addition, the Athens assembly of solidarity to anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas released the following clarification note:

“There has been intense misinformation over the last couple of days in relation to the health status of comrade Kostas Sakkas, as well as announcements on various sites which have nothing to do with reality. Any development in regards to the comrade’s health condition will be announced via official medical reports. In addition, at every assembly which is regularly held for the anarchist hunger striker, we provide updates concerning his condition as soon as they come.”

In the meantime, trial sessions at Koridallos prison court have been postponed consecutively because Kostas Sakkas, as one of the defendants, is clearly unable to attend the proceedings.

The comrade is awaiting response to his second motion for immediate release, and continues the fight. It is expected that the appellate judges’ council will finally issue their decision within the next week. A solidarity gathering is called for Monday, July 8th, at 12pm outside the court of appeals (Efeteio) on Loukareos street, in Athens.