Athens – 10 June 2013: First day of the trial against comrade Tasos Theofilou

Banner in Thessaloniki: “Solidarity to Tasos Theofilou – Fire and arson to all prison cells – Trial 10/6”

In August 2012, Tasos Theofilou was arrested in Athens and remanded on grave charges. He is accused of an armed bank robbery on Paros Island that happened previously that summer, and resulted to the fatal shooting of a citizen who attempted to stop the robbers on their escape. In addition, he is implicated in the case against the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The comrade explicitly denies all charges.

The trial of anarchist-communist Tasos Theofilou will start Monday, June 10th, 2013, by 9am, at the 3rd three-member felony court of appeals (Efeteio) on Loukareos street in Athens.

You may read some thoughts of the comrade ahead of the court proceeding in Greek, English, Spanish.