France: Message of solidarity from some rageous people from the ZAD and elsewhere

Zone A Défendre is an occupied zone against the construction of an international airport and metropolization

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With much pleasure, we have heard of the solidarity actions that took place in several countries against the evictions in Athens during December and January: in the United States, India, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Chile… and also the numerous activities and demonstrations throughout Greece.

Despite the contextual differences between here and elsewhere, the same mechanisms of repression bombard all those who struggle against any imposition of what our lives should be, those who want freedom to taste differently than the sad liberty of our mere survival within their global competition by shutting our mouth.

We’d like to express our support to all self-managed places which are true living spaces of experimentation, where anti-authoritarian ideas and perspectives spread in multiple domains. It is among others at such social, political and cultural spaces that subversive ideas are being developed and diffused through meetings and countless activities, such as theatrical performances, people’s kitchens, discussions, occupied collective gardens, etc. And it’s also there that conflictuality unfolds when the State decides to clear up spaces like these.

Struggles for a world without borders or Power are organized there, and many people excluded or unwilling to live in their alienating schemes come together at these spaces.

1 eviction: 10 new occupations!

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