Mexico City: Solidarity knows no borders

The banner reads: ‘From Mexico to Greece: Skaramaga, Villa Amalias and every other squat are not alone! Solidarity is one of our weapons. Do not expect us… we are your worst nightmare, flesh and bone, and we’re already here!’

In the afternoon of January 10th, compas from Contra Info placed a banner on the railings in the perimeter of the Greek Embassy in Mexico, as a small gesture of solidarity with our kidnapped comrades in the evictions of Villa Amalias and Skaramaga squat during the morning/afternoon of January 9th in Athens (Greece).

‘Compañero, compañera! It is time to break this cycle that blocks our minds and rip off the blindfold that blinds the reason, and spit out fire-tipped words, a fire which devastates this corrupt system that enchains us to the Capital’s claws. And over its ashes we shall build this new world of free Men and Women’ (from the song ‘For A New World/Por Un Mundo Nuevo’ by Los Muertos de Cristo)

Counter-informative words tipped by fire. Neither this project, nor solidarity itself knows any borders; much less Freedom does.

Hands off the squats, once and for all!

Immediate release of those kidnapped
by the State/Capital’s dogs!