Greece: Responsibility claim for the trashing of the Golden Dawn’s local headquarters in the city of Volos (11.12.2012)


We claim responsibility for the smashing of the branch office of the parastatal company ‘Chrissi Avgi’ on Skenderani street at the dawn of Tuesday 11.12.2012.

The specific office-shop, based on and accountable to the state directorate, is the hole in which the fascists felt safe with frequent police presence. It is no longer necessary to analyze the causes of an attack against the Golden Dawn. They did and will still do the dirty work where the official State finds difficulties; at the same time, they are the henchmen of one part of the Greek racist society, to which they feed spectacle. Moreover, the fascists openly support those who factually assist them in all ways (e.g. the Golden Dawn suggested the tax exemption of shipping tycoons from the latest austerity package).

The choice of the Golden Dawn’s emergence as a factor of the everyday life was dealt through the mass media with daily promotion, either with a positive or a negative sign (in informative broadcast, news bulletins, but also in lifestyle mid-day talk shows in order to affect as more lower middle class fat-asses as possible). As in any other case where there is social polarization, the democratic system will play its cards by any means and will use its fascist reserves. Besides, the agendas of most of the parties of the central political scene do not differ: the fascist discourse is delivered by liberals, ‘socialists’ and all sorts of patriotic party slaves. The attacks on immigrants by the fascists are ultimately legitimized by the institutional reasoning of Power and its practical expression, the immigration concentration camps.

At the same time, the promotion of the Golden Dawn members opened Pandora’s Box towards the conservative- and fascist-making of larger and larger social parts. The political legitimacy which was given to the Golden Dawn through the election results may simply dispel some remaining pretenses. Over the next period we’re going to see every oppressed junta-partisan, fascist, racist scum expressing itself out in the open. The crowd of voters and applauders of the Golden Dawn has no excuse of discontent and deception, as the Left would like to believe (and not only the Left), regardless of whether their motives are not always clearly ideological. Anyone who is deviating from the ‘Greek’ patterns comes under attack both by the dominant public discourse and the repressive interventions of the police, along with fascists’ assaults.

Our antifascist action cannot be based on an invocation to legality that the Left promotes, which responds to violent attacks with mere complaints and public denouncements. To us, it is important to clear the fascist task forces off the streets, because these are their stepping stone, and add prestige and power in a cowardly mass. In any event, we’ve been watching far-right wing politicians being elected in the parliament for many years; the difference about the Golden Dawn is that it stimulates its audience practicing violence and an alleged unconventionality/illegality, trying to dominate in public space (squares, neighbourhoods, etc.).

In the city of Volos we do not wish to let even an inch for fascist propaganda. The renovation we made at the Golden Dawn’s shanty should not be seen as something special. It is a kind gesture towards our offended dignity, only a moment in the continuum of war. We do not wish to respond with some political speech to the Golden Dawn’s snitches. We want to get rid of the stench of these pigs, undertake an offensive strategy, and trash them to set an example for those who are yearning for Greek DNA samples, pure nations, the great Greece, those who like to see immigrants locked up in concentration camps.

PS.1: Zinon Manthogiannis, a ‘sympathizer but not yet a member’ of the Golden Dawn, according to statements by his lawyer, seems to have cashed in agricultural wages the errands he made for the fascist party. Apparently, the usual tactic of the Golden Dawn to neutralize its members for various reasons holds tight from back in the 80s, with so many demotions and removals from the party, so much snitching to the cops and numerous internal cleanups. Manthogiannis, this ‘poor fellow’, was arrested in mid-November together with his two ‘ignorant’ associates just few minutes before they were to attack a Muslim prayer room with petrol bombs. You scumbag should make a good use of those wages you took, but for now hit your head at the wall to get used to the feeling and all…

PS.2: Salutes to all the militant antifascists in Xanthi, Heraklion (on Crete), Agrinio, Alimos and Aspropyrgos (in Athens) and the whole territory.

Initiative for the opening of a pigada* in Volos


* apparently signaling their willingness to throw the fascists down a well shaft

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