Galicia: Call-out for a 13th solidarity march to the Teixeiro prison

For those who thought that this year would not see the—traditional by now—march to Teixeiro prison, here’s the poster to assure nice habits never fade away… So, the demo will take place a bit later than in previous years; nevertheless, prisoners will not be left without a portion of solidarity during the holidays. We have duly informed the (im)pertinent authorities, in order to avoid the—not less traditional—fines, that our solidarity march on Saturday, January 12th will begin by 12.30pm at the patrol station which is located right after the Teixeiro industrial polygon, from where we will walk the distance to the prison and approach the prisoners in the loudest way we can.

Keep an eye out for any call-out for anti-prison mobilization that evening, in any Galician city, which may be published on Abordaxe as soon as there will be related info.XIII-Marcha-Teixeiro

On January 12th everyone to Teixeiro
13th march to the prison

Gathering by 12.30 starting from the patrol station
close to the Teixeiro prison (N-364 km. 663)

The powerful enjoy impunity
whilst thousands of poor become prison fodder

No more injustice – Fight for freedom