Strasbourg, France: Action in solidarity with the prosecuted in the ZAD

Compost and dung against tear gas and stun grenades

In the morning of November 30th, an action was carried out against the Strasbourg gendarmerie recruitment branch (these are in fact cops, who are also deployed across the ZAD with their helicopters, their tear gas and stun grenades).

Individuals screwed the place up by throwing manure (bocage, compost and dung), in solidarity with the prosecuted of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

We saw in the eyes of this police force the same fear that those who defend the ZAD experience every time they’re assaulted by cops.

The poor frightened cops could not escape this, because the exit door had been blocked.

Make manure everywhere; let cops be nowhere!

Blockade your closest recruitment branch;
vandalize your local gendarmerie!

Translators’ note: The responsibility claim contains plays on words that refer to common slogans in French: foutu le bocage brings to mind the expression foutre le bordel (which can be understood as ‘making mess’, ‘causing great disorder’); Bocage partout which can also be understood as ‘Let bocage spread everywhere’ makes a reference to the slogan ZAD PARTOUT, while Bocage partout, gendarmes nulle part is a variation of the French chant Police partout; justice nulle part (‘Cops everywhere; justice nowhere’); lastly, Saccage ta gendarmerie is connected to the anarchist slogan Saccage ta cage (‘Trash your cage’), or Saccage ta ville, annihile ta cage (‘Trash your city, destroy your cage’).