Athens: Responsibility claim for attack on the State Legal Council headquarters on Akadimias street

International solidarity days with the Revolutionary Struggle

On Friday, November 23rd, at 12pm, we chose to attack the State Legal Council symbolically.

We chose the particular target because of the judiciary’s contribution to the court proceeding against the Revolutionary Struggle. A trial conducted by a special court (an emergency court-martial), where there is no jury due to the enactment of past amendments of the terror law, while the bench consists of judges that were picked from a specified list.

For many years, the State upgrades its legal arsenal with anti-terrorism bills and relevant amendments. Since the enactment of the first terror law until the summer of 2012, tens of provisions have enhanced this legislative monstrosity.

Terror bills provide for far more severe sentences than previous laws, focusing on armed organizations. At the same time the authorities are attempting to apply anti-terrorism provisions onto cases that involve also other forms of revolutionary violence, in order to eliminate any kind of resistance to capitalist barbarism. Inspired by terror bills, lawmakers enrich their legislation with provisions that have initially been applied against armed revolutionary organizations, but are now applied to groups and individuals who resist the storm of the new established order. Nowadays, when people participate in a confrontational demonstration, they can be caught and charged under the hoodie-law (kukulonomos), or when people are randomly arrested or deliberately targeted by law enforcement authorities, it’s enough for the fascist establishment to disclose their personal details and photos.

Moreover, the specific court proceeding in the special courtroom of Koridallos women’s prisons is yet another attempt to isolate the accused from the solidarity movement.

We also undertook this action so as to break the wall of silence that surrounds the Revolutionary Struggle case, a silence imposed by the mass media as a gag order in the trial.

Our action is part of the three days of international solidarity and action for the Revolutionary Struggle case.

Solidarity with those who stand trial for the Revolutionary Struggle case

Honour forever to anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas,
member of the Revolutionary Struggle group