Nantes, France: Call for reoccupation demonstration on 17/11 in the ZAD, where the fight against repressive forces is still raging

To the developers, the ZAD is merely a ‘deferred development zone’ since decades. To fighters, this is a zone to be defended (Zone À Défendre). Either way, the space is located in the countryside north of Nantes, in France. According to the Power, it should make way for industrialist plans, and particularly an international airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. The particular mega-project is in the hands of the multinational corporation Vinci, which also provides other ‘services’ worldwide, such as prison facilities, toll highways, nuclear power stations, and so forth.

Many activists in the ZAD are not only in struggle against the airport construction, but resist the Capital, the State and any control over their everyday lives in general. Since mid-October, more than 1,200 cops were deployed in the area. Ever since that moment, the police have been evicting squatters from various different locations across the ZAD, using tear gases, violently assaulting resisters and destroying houses and cabins.

Nevertheless, the struggle is far from over; this is just the beginning. People fight back and organize events and protests for the upcoming days. The poster propagates a reoccupation demonstration, which is called for the morning of Saturday, November 17th, 2012. Read the call here.

Get details, in more languages, from Zone À Défendre.
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All inquiries for the November 17th reoccupation demo must be sent to: reclaimthezad[at] / Access maps / Contact mail: zad[at]

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