Italy: Letter of Anna Beniamino in solidarity with her comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai

September with whomever you want?

On Friday, September 14th, Nicola and Alfredo were arrested –anarchists known for years in Turin and Italy– on charges that are not exactly the lightest: attack with intent of terrorism for the wounding of the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, action claimed in May 2012 by Olga Cell FAI-FRI.

At the moment of the detention nothing came out except a reconstruction with a little bit of art by the ROS (Carabinieri special forces) and the DIGOS (political police forces), in quarrelsome union, which had led to an initial request for arrest warrants on July 11th, 2012, that was then rejected by the investigating judge due to lack of probative value of incriminating evidence.

After the refusal of the investigating judge, the public prosecutor insisted by unleashing –with meager results– forces of the RIS (Carabinieri scientific investigation division), ROS, DIGOS, etc., and instigated compulsively the aforesaid, who after a further scrambling of interceptions, old information packages and various amenities produced the masterpiece: they should be arrested for danger of escape; they want to escape, first in June and then in September, financing the golden absconding with the proceeds of a tattoo convention; they will either go to France, or Portugal, or Mexico, probably with the help of a Toyota Picnic model ready for the scrap yard, possibly by selling the paintings they have at home; they should be arrested for danger of escape, or in fact because one goes to work, and cannot even plan vacations; they should be arrested because they’re insurrectionary anarchists, or rather filobrigatisti (sympathizers of the Red Brigades) –considering that they went to listen to the public speech of the already known brigatista Sante Notarnicola, who was recently released from prison–; they should be arrested because they rip microphones and telecameras when found all over their house, because they hang around with previous offenders, because they check the Internet for news of the investigations on the aforementioned wounding and other news of anti-anarchist repression, because they make playful comments about continuous raids and investigations though well aware of being eavesdropped, because they stop the same cops who follow them at their discretion, because they make a journal called ‘KNO3’, because they have another trial in progress, prosecuted under Article 270bis, in Perugia; because for 15 years –from the Marini trial onwards– they’re being investigated by a wide variety of Italy’s prosecution offices, so there has to be something there.

I know I have two friends, comrades, brothers, or such as I prefer to call them in 15 years of our love and friendship; I know they’re in prison, in solitary confinement, I know we have to fight for their freedom and the liberation of all prisoners; all the rest are flimsy paperwork in the police headquarters and chatters in the pubs.

irremediably for anarchy

You may write to both imprisoned comrades at:
Nicola Gai – Alfredo Cospito
Casa Circondariale Sanremo
Via Valle Armea 144

IT-18038 Sanremo, Imperia


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