Greece – Updates on the case of Savvas Xiros: The policy of torture goes on as usual

As already reported, the First Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Piraeus decided to discontinue the prison sentence of Savvas Xiros for a 5month period (under constant police custody), in order to receive a medical treatment for his serious health problems in his eyes, ears and legs at the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki.

Even though the antiterrorist unit of the Greek police sought the assistance of the chief prosecutor of Piraeus, they both failed to rule out the court’s decision for the suspension of Savvas’ prison sentence. However, the repressive authorities chose once again to act behind the scenes and end the prisoner’s medical treatment with summary proceedings. So, after only ten days of hospital stay, Savvas was ordered to be held again into the dungeon of Koridallos prisons in Athens.

On Friday, July 27th, Savvas Xiros was expected to be transferred back to his prison cell. The AHEPA hospital of Thessaloniki decided that his treatment was completed, although it was confirmed that he only underwent a surgery to one eye and some medical examinations; nothing more.

The state forces have condemned Savvas Xiros to a slow death. Specifically, as far as his detention conditions are concerned, Savvas is transferred every so often in the so-called ‘hospital’ of prison inmates of Koridallos, and then back into the basement of the special (isolation) wing underneath Koridallos women’s prisons (originally destined for 17 November imprisoned members). In fact, Savvas was held in that basement on the day he was taken to the hospital in Thessaloniki, as we have find out by now.

Moreover, it is the second time that a state hospital assists the police at his expense. The first time was in July 2002, when the then blinded and deaf urban guerrilla warrior, who sustained blunt trauma, was interrogated by the Inquisitors Syros and Diotis in the intensive care unit of Evangelismos hospital, in Athens, under the influence of psychotropic drugs – in violation of any notion of medical ethics. The second time is now that the AHEPA hospital contributes to the State’s vindictive behaviour against a man who became nearly blind inside the prison and faces a myriad of other health issues.

The doctors’ trade union must be held accountable for this decision made by the AHEPA hospital. There will be no excuse if the matter is silenced.

Update: Savvas Xiros faced a new health disorder, namely facial nerve palsy, just before the order for his transfer from the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki to Koridallos prisons in Athens. Disregarding the warnings of Savvas’ counsel about the health risks from a prison transfer in the ‘standard’ way, the authorities transferred him in a paddywagon’s cage anyway. When the police paddywagon arrived at Koridallos, on July 27th, the prisons’ doctors saw the malfunction of his facial nerve and admitted they could not offer any proper aid to the patient. Thus, Savvas was immediately moved to another state hospital (Thriassio hospital in Elefsina, which was on duty) because the prisons’ doctors stated they could not bear the responsibility of nursing him. Once again, the antiterrorist unit thugs were deployed in the hospital, prohibiting any relative from approaching the imprisoned fighter.