Athens: Banner drop and solidarity action by Skaramaga squat

Hands off squats! Solidarity with Draka & Apertus!

Following numerous actions across Greece in previous days in solidarity with Apertus squat in the town of Agrinio and Draka squat in the town of Corfu, which got hit by arson attacks, people from Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat expressed their factual support as well, by spreading counter-information on the escalating repression against liberated spaces.

Skaramaga squat is one among many open anarchist undertakings that emerged shortly after the December 2008 revolt. Its squatters faced a police raid and eviction last summer, same day as we write these lines (July 29th). Just a few hours after that police operation, the building was reoccupied, and so continues to host a regular assembly and many projects, workshops, etc.

On Thursday, July 26th, a PA’s gathering was carried out by the comrades in the centre of Athens, on Patission street, in solidarity with Apertus and Draka squats and with all occupied political spaces which are targeted by the State/Capital and threatened with evictions.

During this street intervention, which lasted about three hours, texts and fliers were passed out raising public awareness against all machinations of the State and all fascist/parastatal thugs, who attempt to intimidate (also) the squatting scene.

Comrades from Skaramaga squat call for resistance against plans of social pillage, and two of their slogans are:

Fire cannot burn us…because fire burns within us
Cops, prosecutors, investors, fascists…we’ll be waiting here for you