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Freiburg, Germany: Solidarity graffiti for accused comrades

As a small sign of solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted comrades in France, Denmark and worldwide, a graffiti has been placed in striking distance to the station of Pressehaus, in the city of Freiburg.

The station’s wall is now decorated with the slogans: “Solidarity with Isa, Juan, Damien, Ivan, Fari, Bruno and the 5 comrades in Copenhagen! Our struggle is no terrorism! Fight the law! (A)”

Our thoughts are constantly with our friends who are facing a trial under accusations of terrorism. Despite the ongoing criminalization against the anarchist movement, the will for change is unbroken without any limits. Rage against the dominating conditions and love for freedom are thereby the motivations of previous, present and future struggles.

For freedom and for anarchy – destroy the hierarchy!

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