‘Revolt and Crisis in Greece’ book now available online

read the pdf here

an Occupied London project

Profits from the sale of this book will benefit anarchist printing and publishing projects around the globe, including Rotta in Greece and AK Press in the US.

‘In the past, we have tried to describe Occupied London as an “anarchist collective writing on all things urban”. This is true, but still not entirely accurate. We are not exclusively anarchist, we are not exactly a collective and we do write about other stuff, too! But when we first got together in the fall of 2007, to start producing a wildly irregular journal, this had been our main aim: We were interested in questions about urban revolts but also about everyday life in cities —and London in particular, as this is where we all found ourselves at the time. We also wanted to ask questions about space and place, about displacement, about the uncertainties of living in late capitalist times. And we wanted to ask these questions on an anarchist platform, one that would host all those who wanted to talk to us.

In December 2008 the scope of the project took a dramatic turn. As the revolt was unfolding in Greece, we realised many of the questions we asked were being answered right where many of us had left from. So the focus shifted to the situation in Greece and the blog “On the Greek Riots” (now “From the Greek Streets”) was born. In a way the book was an evolution of our interest and focus on Greece in the past few years.’

—from an interview with Occupied London and editors of ‘Revolt and Crisis in Greece’ (June 8th, 2011)