Murcia, Spain: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks on ATMs

On Sunday May 6th, at dawn, we sabotaged ATMs of various banks, like the Banco Santander (well-known for financing the arms industry). On that same night, the precarious and passive youth was spending its time drinking and dancing in the very same city where its ATM-temples were set on fire. We despise the fact that thousands of young people attended a festival like the SOS 4.8, which has been financed by the corrupt Counselor of Culture and sponsored by multinational enterprises.

While the slaves try to avoid looking an uncertain future straight in the eyes, we are organizing ourselves; every night we raise in numbers, as also do their threats and fear each time. We know that we are ungovernable, and that they will not manage to silent us. Those that burn the ATMs are the same that organize themselves in squats, that speak out in the assemblies, and question the authorities’ orders.

Finally, we wrote some slogans on the city’s walls, such as SOÑAMOS, NO MATÉIS NUESTROS SUEÑOS (We dream; don’t kill our dreams), and the names of many comrades who died fighting and thinking (Patricia Heras, Lambros Foundas, Salvador Puig Antich, Alexis Grigoropoulos, and others).

There is no better homage than to keep the fight going.
For the intensification of the revolt.


source: vozcomoarma