Greece: Text by unemployed anarchists from Trikala

Arson and wildfire for the Prefecture and all Municipalities in our regional unit [nomos].

We should not let any polling station open in the regional unit where we live. Let all polling places burn just like they’ve burned our lives.

People of Trikala, you must finally wake up!

How did our regional unit come to be in such a mess?

Where is their so-called development now, where are their construction works, where exactly are their great and fake words?

How is it that the unemployment rate has reached 25% in this regional unit?

How come we have empty refrigerators and empty pockets now?

How did farmers and animal breeders cease to exist?

Where did all the social security stamps [ensima] from public funds go, when these payment stamps are specific when it comes to public projects?

Where the fuck did the social security stamps from the work in construction sites go?!

Where are you, prosecutors, and Pharisees, and secretaries?

Why the hell don’t you conduct inspections inside the Prefecture? What are you waiting for? Do you expect us to torch these buildings first, so that you can talk about provocateurs of your democracy?

Go on; gather your Security Battalions [Germanotsoliades], and first of all look at your own mess.

Be right yourselves first, and then you may have requirements for democracy.

It can no longer be that the entire regional unit is starving and the unemployment is remaining so high.

Fire and blast to the Prefecture.

No polling station in the regional unit.

Better loved from afar; we don’t want you here.

As long as unemployment and hunger reap us in their wake, they turn into fire; and our despair has turned into a river, and the river of despair has risen and drowns everything in its wake.

Whether this is the Jeep of a brigadier general, or of Tamilos (the former mayor of Trikala), or of the police, or of any public entity that absorbs most of the public funds at the expense of the working and farm–livestock sector.

Fire and blast to the Prefecture.

Unemployed anarchists from Trikala

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