Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on the district court of Kallithea

We are experiencing the peculiar economic and political conjuncture when capitalism oscillates unpredictably and the political system is under widespread contest. This contest, though, does not come to propose an alternative solution on a political level, but can be found in the form of general discontent. But the general discontent that pervades the broader social realm is nothing more than a most energetic aspect of inertia. Nevertheless, we view the bases of struggle in neighbourhoods in a positive light, which along with the anarchist space stand as the only counterweight to capitalism that, even though finds itself in recession, continues its onslaught, while the majority of resigned working population leaves social ground to subside.

Due to the given situation, democracy through justice comes to reinstate a multitude of provisions at the forefront, such as the prohibition of demonstrations in the so-called historic centre [of Athens], the granting of the right of ex officio use of weapons by the cops and citizens, promoting the Americanization of the sense of ownership (through the incitement ‘citizens, take up arms’). We also speculate that a further amendment and upgrading of the terror law is imminent, aiming at the establishment of a climate of even greater repression and fear. The question we want to pose to everyone is which actions do the anarchist and the wider libertarian milieu take at a time when the nationalists have already begun to form patriotic militias and train themselves in the mountains out of a fear of chaos and anarchy?


On the occasion of the new prosecutions for the case of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, on Wednesday dawn, March 14th, we torched the district court in the area of Kallithea with incendiary devices. The regime with an unanticipated motion is seeking to renew the pretrial incarcerations through the new round of subpoenas, but also to burden even more the already heavy indictments. We are confident that our comrades are standing intact against the legalistic tricks of the State and the broader stance of the modern Inquisitors.

At this point, we’d like to express our unreserved support with Stella Antoniou who, apart from having a burdened health condition which makes her release from prison imperative, is an ANARCHIST and should be treated as such by her comrades.

We don’t forget the imprisoned comrade Giannis Skouloudis who will stand trial by the State on March 21st, 2012, for the arson on vehicles of the public electric power corporation (DEI) and has claimed responsibility for the action; we neither forget the incarcerated comrades Dimitris Dimtsiadis, Babis Tsilianidis, [Dimitris Fessas] and Sokratis Tzifkas, who had chosen the difficult path of clandestinity, were arrested and are now prosecuted for the same case.

We send strength to the anarchist bandit Rami Syrianos.

Incendiary signal to the unrepentant comrades who have chosen the path of attack.

Honour for ever to the member of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle Lambros Foundas, who fell dead on March 10th, 2010, by cops’ bullets.

PS. We report the deliberate concealment of our action by the mass media, a silencing which demonstrates that their role and their position are next to their state superiors and against us. Let us clarify that any informant journalist–assignee of the cops may be faced with our practical discontent, as their cars and houses are as accessible and combustible as those of other scum.

International Revolutionary Front–Informal Anarchist Federation
Incendiary Cell of Attack
Path of Ashes


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