Madrid: Tattoo Circus in support of imprisoned comrades

This is the official website of the first edition of the Tattoo Circus in Madrid (Spain) based on the structure, organization and substance of another tattoo’s circus performed in other cities. The TATTOO CIRCUS MADRID will be held from March 16th to 18th, 2012, in Casablanca Squat, thanks to the comrades of Casablanca who have given us the facilities to perform all activities.

The essence of the Tattoo Circus is based on building a space where tattooing and struggle come together, where tattooists put all their experience, work, time and creativity to finance concrete struggles resulting from repression and against prison. None of the people who organize and/or collaborate will take money for their own profit; in the essence of the Tattoo Circus is that no one will collect personal gain for their work, neither tattooists and piercists, nor music groups; comrades put their knowledge and workforce in support and solidarity with the organization of the Tattoo Circus, knowing that all profits will go for various just and direct causes.

The event will last three days; we will open the doors at 12pm on Friday, March 16th, when a presentation of space and the tattooists will be held. You can get tattoos during specified hours (you can check all this in the different sections of the website); every day will have an end time, considering that the comrades who make tattoos have to rest, so we ask your collaboration according to an established timetable. The idea is that aside from the tattoos, we’ll also have space for a room of piercings and derivatives (see relevant sections on the site). Although the prices will be much lower than what stands commercially, it is important to underline that 100% of the profits will go to anti-prison struggle. The exact prices will be announced at the event.

Also, there will be a program of activities, lectures, discussions, screenings and performances, and we will have a space for free distribution of material, relaxation and a cafeteria.

Finally, we simply ask you to publicize the event. It is important to extend solidarity in the fight against prisons, both in funding as this is and in the actual diffusion of the struggle. So, please spread the TATTOO CIRCUS MADRID, in any way you can.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you may contact us:
Thanks to all for supporting this cause.

If they touch one comrade, they touch us all

Program of Tattoo Circus Madrid in Casablanca Squat – Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of March 2012

17:00 Documentary “O prisioneiro da grade de ferro” (Prisoner of the grid iron)
18:30 Talk “By the ignorance, inertia to pay: penalties and administrative fees”
20:00 Vaieté – Cabaret Show

12:00 Talk “Jail and tattoo” by Contrahistoria
15:00 Food
17:00 “Youth centres, covert prisons” by Colectivo Saltando Charlos
21:00 Live
– La cosa del pantano
– Las Vecchias
– Perras Salvajes

12:00 Talk “Against the ill-treatment in prison” by a comrade from the campaign against ill-treatment in prisons
15:00 Food
17:00 Video forum: “Torturados” (Tortured). Art against police torture
19:00 Freak Show, by the group Pecesnopeskados

10 to 22.00 from Friday to Sunday: each tattooist set own rhythms and times; come by and ask.

Saturday: Circus Mutant “Robert and Tincho”
Tattooed puppet workshop – “Muppets Tattoo”
Sunday: Mr. Tartuffe

Photographic Exhibition/ Hall of rest and reflection/ Kafeneio Solidarity/ Space of free diffusion

CSOA CASABLANCA 21-23, Santa Isabel Street. Underground: Atocha, Antón Martín, Lavapiés. Madrid.