Athens, October 5th: General strike marked by hatred for uniformed thugs

Once again thousands marched down central streets of Athens, mainly protesting against the hard prosperity measures. The general strike of October 5th was called by the two sold-out unions (the GSEE private sector and ADEDY public sector confederations), but students also participated in the demo.

As in previous general strikes, metro workers kept the underground facilities open to people, and this time they also tried to kick out police squads that invaded the Syntagma metro station during the protest.

People marched towards Syntagma Square, right in front of the parliament, where minor clashes erupted with the police. In several occasions, cops threw tear gas and flash-bang grenades while they beat up protesters and several corporate journalists. The police also raided Syntagma metro station attacking the people who were inside.

Loukanikos, the dog that hangs out in Exarchia, was also hit by police before (or after) he managed to bite a cop.

In Syntagma Square a group of protesters spotted one man who looked much like a neo-Nazi, and immediately chased after the scumbag so as to attack him effectively. Later on, the repressive forces helped this guy escape. Before and after that incident, cops smashed dozens of demonstrators’ heads, threw repeatedly people on the ground, and in particular beat fiercely a man who was swearing at police (naturally, no fucking cop came to his rescue).

Earlier in the day Vasilis Saraliotis, accomplisher of the murderer of Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008, was granted his request for release on ‘humanitarian grounds’ (his father is sick and his family faces financial problems… what a surprise!). This means that his 10year sentence was suspended, only after a first instance verdict, and that he will now be ‘restricted’ within the limits of Drama prefecture in northern Greece. At the same time, more demonstrators got arrested for speaking up their minds and fighting against this corrupt system.

Strike demonstrations were held in other Greek cities. The next day, there was a ‘detainee’ among the maniac cops for beating up brutally a journalist (something that almost every journalist simply deserves, but of course the police merely tried to avoid even corporate media coverage this way, at least in Athens).

The next general strike in Greece will be held on October 19th.


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The above video was released in the memory of Troy Davis (October 9, 1968 – September 21, 2011) who was murdered by neoliberal authorities in year 2011 because of his skin color, after being imprisoned for 22 years.

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