Berlin: Solidarity concert for a squat in Athens

In Athens alone, the squats live under constant threat of fascists and police. Organized neo-Nazi gangs attack repeatedly occupied projects with arsons, backed by the police.

The Greek police tend to launch vengeful attacks on squats whenever riots break out.

Very little money is available for the building maintenance of occupied spaces, since currently all funds go to support more than 30 prisoners that the movement counts. Naturally, the squatters have also been affected by the economic situation in Greece, so we organize a concert for a house project in Athens in order to cover some of its urgently needed building costs.

Friday, October 7th – 20.00, Berlin Friedrichshain – Markgrafendamm 14/15 (in hangar)
Groups: Bastardo Four, No Roots No Culture, Puris Ani
Vai (M.I.T.O.W.) and other DJs will follow