Agrinio, Greece: Direct action against the neo-Nazis

On Saturday, September 17th, at 20.00, 70 antifascists/anarchists gathered in Dimadi Square and held a dynamic rally to the town’s main square, chanting antifascist slogans and holding a banner that read: KICK THE NEO-NAZIS OUT OF AGRINIO AND EVERYWHERE.

Then several protesters headed onto the second floor of the building at 10, Elias Eliou Street, where the local offices of the neo-Nazi gang Chrissi Avgi (Golden Dawn) were established one month ago —in the same central square where the Nazis had executed the locals Anastasiadis, Salakos and Soulos in 1944.

The antifascists smashed the door and stormed into the offices, causing property damage. The furniture was thrown out to the overdraft space of the building. The banners and flags of the neo-Nazi gang were taken in order to be burnt afterwards out in the central square. The crowd welcomed this action, and some people even applauded the activists. Finally, the people returned to Dimadi Square where they remained for about half an hour until they dissolved.

Destroy every office of Chrissi Avgi!

Not in Agrinio, not anywhere; smash the fascists
in all the cities and villages!