$hile: Second murder from the general strike

On Tuesday, August 30th, the bastard cop Miguel Millacura Carcamo who shot the 16-year-old Manuel Gutiérrez Reinoso was indicted, accused of ‘homicide’. He is currently held in pre-trial detention in the barrack of Pudahuel community, a special detention centre for the protection of ex police officers. Soon it will be determined whether a civil or military court will hand down the sentence against the murderer.

The Chilean State, through its puppet government, has begun to clean up its public image by punishing ‘severely’ the Carabiniers who are directly involved in the teenager’s murder but also their superiors, thus presenting an exemplary measure to the whole society, in an effort to avoid accepting the responsibilities borne by the Ministry of the Interior.

On the night of August 24th, an 18-year-old girl had been seriously injured by police bullets while she ran to avoid being arrested. But this was still not enough. Police sought revenge for a total of 156 injured cops during August 24th-25th across the country.

On the night of Thursday, August 25th, amid violent clashes in Santiago’s district Pincoya, 18-year-old Mario Parraguéz Pinto was shot in the face and transferred to hospital. His condition deteriorated until he died on Monday, August 29th.

Mario had found himself in the line of fire between armed police and demonstrators. In an absence of a strong view of the facts regarding how the boy was injured (in contrast to what happened in Macul community with Manuel’s death), police headquarters and the corporate media promote a scenario according to which Mario was shot by a drug dealer, so that responsibility does not fall into the Carabiniers who often fire indiscriminately at people.

source: liberacion total


‘The Twilight of Fear,’ a short documentary without commentary, captures images from the education protest of August 9th, 2011, in Santiago. Its creators dedicated this testimonial from the streets of Chile to Manuel Gutiérrez Reinoso who was murdered by police.

You may watch more videos by the anarchist group Sin(Α)psis – Productora de Comunicación Social here.

List of political prisoners in the Chilean state
(early September 2011 update)

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