June 8th: Inmates’ letter from the Greek prisons, in solidarity to the persecuted for the Revolutionary Struggle case

‘The insurgents are right’

On Thursday, June 9th, 2011, the three anarchist fighters Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis are confronted with a juridical paradox. After an appeal filed by the advocate of the Supreme Court [Areios Pagos], the Appellate Judges Council [Symvoulio Efeton] of Athens (following orders from above) is prepared to re-judge the fate of their physical liberty –although all three of them were recently released on bail after a decree issued by the same council.

The juridical barbarity reveals itself from this truth: the aforementioned were released from prison two months ago as they were not considered suspects of escaping from the country, therefore the annihilating measure of pre-trial detention was not extended beyond their 12-month incarceration (according to the law, such a prolongation would require extraordinary justification). Nevertheless, the question of an extension of their already expired pre-trial detention was introduced – unlawfully and afterwards – for discussion once more!

Despite the recovery of the physical liberty of the three, this liberty remains under question making them everyday hostages of the vindictive moods of the prosecution and judiciary authority!

It seems that the growing intensity of suppression, recorded also in ‘legislative’ terms during the recent years, is now served by a new type of judicial police that practically repeals even the very law which limits its scope. In hysteria to spread fear among people, the State itself is so dominated by phobia towards the social struggles and militant fighters…

We inmates of Greek prisons who conflict with judicial and punitive arbitrariness, will not allow any psychological rape to any of us. We demand the immediate halt of any juridical mockery against the three, and against anyone who experiences excruciatingly the ridicule by the alleged Justice.

Complete freedom for Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis who are accused of participation in the Revolutionary Struggle and deny all accusations against them.

Discharge of any legal dispute and non indictment for Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis, Marie Beraha, Nikos Malapanis –because completely ‘randomly and coincidentally’ on the same day the Appellate Judges Council shall examine which defendants to indict to the Revolutionary Struggle trial.

Freedom to the members of the Revolutionary Struggle, Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas.


The inmates from various Greek prisons: Michalis Traikapis, Alekos Kossyvas, Spyros Stratoulis, Dan Carabulea, Aris Seirinidis, Simos Seisidis, Sophocles Nigdelis, Vaggelis Pallis, Elias Karadouman, Dimitris Fessas, Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Yannis Dimitrakis, Charalambos Avramidis, Kostas Sakkas

Source: athens.indymedia