Syros island: Demonstration and clashes against Papandreou and ministers

In the morning of March 21th in Syros island, a demonstration of students and residents took place at the central square of Ermoupolis against the presence of George Papandreou and several ministers, who visited the island to talk about “development”. The protesters shouted slogans against the merge of 2 local high schools, and government in general.

The repressive forces (riot police and plainclothes cops) answered with tear gas, flash bang grenades and some detains. A 15-year-old student was slightly injured and taken to the hospital, same as a cop. The protesters were dispersed after the police attack but after a while they lively regathered on the central square where clashes were going on until Papandreou and his associates left the place.

You can watch in the video the embarrassed smiles (!) of the ministers and the prime minister while they were leaving under the protection of plainclothes cops and riot police forces. It seems that they enjoy the fact they are unwanted EVERYWHERE.

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