Immediate release of Fee Marie Meyer and all political prisoners!

Ultimately, the magistrate judges’ council – blinded by class hatred – accepted the prosecutor’s motion deeming Fee Marie Meyer ‘suspected for fleeing’ and asking for her temporary detention, so the 27-year-old German comrade was led to prison. Her lawyers in defense announced: ‘After her public humiliation on her “alleged terrorist family’s past,” Fee Marie Meyer was “kidnapped” on 9 February at noon outside her home by police forces, after the adoption decree by the Council of Magistrate Court Judges of Athens which was posted only a half hours before her arrest and revoked the dispute that had arisen after her apology before the investigator on 17 January 2011 – between the investigating judge who suggested the imposition of the restrictive condition of her appearance at the police station nearby her residence, and the prosecutor who suggested her pretrial detention – in favor of the prosecutor’s opinion on the grounds that ‘she kept and read published texts of people who she herself describes as political prisoners’!

On 10 February many comrades occupied for hours the building of Journalists Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (ESIEA) in direct response to the detention of F.M. Meyer. The following text was distributed outside the solidarity occupation:

The State amidst economic, political, institutional crisis, releases all the guns it has in its possession. It trains its army to suppress demonstrations, demonstrates new guns in the streets like the water cannon, votes terrorist laws, sets a well presented propaganda through the mainstream media and the most well-known, prestigious, with high salary ruffians, builds walls in Evros (north-eastern boarders of Greece), packs the prisons, declares the strikes and social struggles as illegal. Mainstream media have a central role in the imposition of this reality. They readily accept to throw dirt, to mislead any attempt, any action against the regime. Migrants are ‘waste,’ the anarchists are ‘terrorists,’ the strikers ‘harass’ the society. The current junta wants to silence those who resist and to allow only its mouthpieces to be listened. The intimidation of society is the new challenge, and all kind of journalists (such as the corporate media’s ‘journalists’ Pretenderis, Sombolos and Lambropoulos) are ready to teach conservatism and fear.

The anarchist comrade Fee Marie Meyer detained 15 days after her persecution. The persecution was based on and launched from the view of another televised overproduction. The lack of data will be replaced by an incredible delusion of lies about the participation of her parents in RAF. The cooperation among the anti-terrorist unit and journalists will take a clear shape. The cops cannot justify an arrest without any evidence and in return will give the mass media a story that can sell. They will reinforce the story with a photo of her and comments about her appearance and her stylistic choices. The story will be sealed by the stamp of judiciary, which will decide the detention of Fee Marie with criteria based on her political ideas and views. Of course the anthropomorphous prosecutors and judges could not but be harmonized with the directives of their employers. A meeting in a much-frequented café will be considered suspicious and anarchist literature in her house will seal the verdict. Of course the ‘nerve’ to designate the imprisoned fighters as political prisoners, will aggravate her position, a tactic that makes no impression. Last year dozens of prosecution and imprisonment have been based on the ‘monstrous crime’ of personal/social relations and political ideology.

State, cops, journalists and judges are well known for their repulsive role; a role that results from the nature of the system itself. Violence, misinformation and prisons have always been the tools of their imposition; especially now that their system has gone bust. But the fear they are trying to impose is discomposed by the clash and conflict of the residents of Keratea-Lavreotiki and the barricades built on the strike marches. The 50 or so political prisoners and many other decent fighters can shatter with their voices the modern Bastille.

The fighters, who courageously and consistently have taken the political responsibility of their choices, the political prisoners-hunger strikers who accused of involvement in ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’ and other solidarists prisoners (who have proceed to abstention of prison food) as well as the attitude of 300 migrants-workers hunger strikers, shows that nothing has ended.

The self-organized movement ‘no pay’ at the tolls, the popular assemblies in neighborhoods, massive clashes and all dynamic movements of disobedience beyond any institutional boundary, show that OUR DAY WILL COME.




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