Crowd suppression military exercises, in the framework of NATO and European Army

New complaints from soldiers come to reveal the determined decision of the Greek government, NATO and EU for organic accession and involvement of military forces in operations against the internal enemy, and more specifically in the repression of demonstrations and uprisings, that are considered as Asymmetric Threats by the world’s modern urban elites.

According to the complaints of soldiers from various battalions of the 71st Airborne Brigade PONTOS, based in Nea Santa Kilkis (northern Greece), the period between Thursday, February 3rd and Friday, February 4th crowd suppression exercises took place at Koromila area in supervision of civil and military leadership of the Greek Armed Forces.

The revelations of FREE SOLDIERS NETWORK “SPARTAKOS” for the training of the 71st Airborne Brigade in crowd suppression tactics and methods made the commander of Battalion 596 Argyroupolis lose all control. The governor himself, swearing, threatening and terrorizing soldiers said: “We are NATO-led force. We are not training to suppress crowds in Greece, but abroad. Tomorrow we can be ordered to go to Egypt to suppress the rebellion. That is our role.” !

You can see parts of the exercises in the video above.

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